Meet your personal financial goals while making a difference at the Air Force Academy.

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Serving our military personnel and helping the Academy

Serving our military personnel and helping the Academy
  • Bryan Zawikowski, 1989
  • Highest GPA in Chemistry
  • All-American Collegiate Boxer on 1989 National Championship Team
  • MS degree in Aeronautical Sciences, Embry-Riddle University
  • Vice President and General Manager of the Lucas Group's Military Transition Division
  • Joined Lucas Group in 1994
  • Matches American military talent with results-driven civilian companies, including USAFA
  • Married to Andrea "Andi"
  • Wisconsin native, now living in Dallas, Texas
  • Polaris Society member since 2013
  • Legacy gift will help USAFA priorities
  • Past AOG Board Member
  • Sabre Society donor

"The Air Force Academy experience forges outstanding leaders for our Air Force, who make significant contributions on AND off active duty. I am proud to give back to an institution that gave so much to me, so they can continue to provide a world-class education in addition to providing supplemental leadership development programs that make all the difference in the development of young leaders. This is especially important in a budget-challenged era," says Bryan. He has named the USAFA Endowment as a beneficiary, to leave a lasting legacy at the Air Force Academy.

In addition to helping to secure an exceptional future for cadets who will join you on the long blue line, a bequest to the USAFA Endowment may also lessen the tax burden on your family and estate. For information and assistance, contact Dale Zschoche at 719-472-2059 or email him at

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